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Article Title Author Year Journal
ZHU Min 2015 2015 high technology development report
YANG Bo 2015 Journal of Applied Acoustics
LI Wentao 2015 Technical Acoustics
LI Dandan 2015 Acta Acustica
LI Dandan 2015 Chinese Journal of Acoustics
LIU Xiaodong 2015 Journal of Ocean Technology
LIU Xiaodong 2015 Marine Geology Letters
ZHANG Wei 2015 Technical Acoustics
CAO Jinliang 2016 Marine Geology & Quaternary Geology
ZHU Min 2015 China Science and Technology Achievements
JIANG Feng 2015 Journal of The Chinese Ceramic Society
WEI Hui 2015 Functional Materials
Cai, K. 2015 Journal of The American Ceramic Society
WANG Yunli 2015 Journal of Applied Physics
Dong, WS 2015 Rsc Advances
LIU Huisheng 2014 Technical Acoustics
LI Yingming 2015 Technical Acoustics
LI Zhiqiang 2015 Technical Acoustics
LI Shiping 2015 Technical Acoustics
PAN Yaozong 2015 Technical Acoustics
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